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Dave Sandoe

Executive Vice President


Prior to becoming executive vice president and director of business development in 2005, Dave Sandoe spent 25 years serving Graphcom’s clients in his role as a business development professional. Dedication, a strong work ethic, and passion for his clients are what separate Dave from most individuals in the business development field.

Early on, Dave recognized a change in the healthcare industry and saw an opportunity to help healthcare organizations use data-driven targeting and marketing to better serve their patients.

“Graphcom helps clients communicate what makes them stand out. This is where analyzing data comes into play. As a marketing partner, it’s our responsibility to predict, measure, and evolve their processes so they can create an extraordinary patient experience without breaking the bank. Our marketing solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase ROI, and meet the expectations set forth by the Affordable Care Act.”  

As a member of Graphcom’s executive team, Dave also believes in the power of transparency and sees it as the key to effective marketing.

“Brands need to advocate for their constituents to the best of their ability, and support strong healthcare management practices. What Graphcom can offer is the chance to be innovative. Let’s talk about what’s working and where the gaps are. From there, we’ll develop scalable marketing solutions that set you apart from the competition, and offer what every customer deserves – the best customer experience possible.”    

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