Or, How to Make X-Ray Aprons X-tra Stylish

These aren’t your grandmother’s X-ray aprons. Eye-popping yellow, pleasing plaids, just plain crazy psychedelics … these radiation protection aprons, dare we say, make a bold statement.

And that’s just what Bar-Ray Products has done since 1930. As the leading manufacturer of X-ray aprons and innovative radiation protection apparel, Bar-Ray offers a wide variety of protective materials from healthcare applications to airport screening.

Aprons and protective apparel, patient and pediatric apron accessories, protective eyewear, shields, and apron racks … Bar-Ray’s footprint in the radiation protection industry worldwide is vast. But what’s most impressive about the company is its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, as its products are manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Putting the Protection on the WWW

It was an ambitious endeavor, but one that positioned Bar-Ray as the premier supplier of radiation protection apparel and products. When Bar-Ray approached Graphcom to build a website that would deliver its impressive inventory to a web audience, we relied on a five-phase approach that took the project from conception to creative reality:

  • PLAN: Before a single line of code was created, Graphcom and Bar-Ray discussed how the site should function and who the target audience would be. We considered dozens of web sources, examining everything from drop-downs to image carousels.
  • CREATE: We then collaborated on the design and development of the website. As components were created, we tested and refined them along the way.
  • DEPLOY: Code, code, and more code … A few DNS changes, and we unveiled bar-ray.com to the world. Among the site’s highlights: users can overlay fabric swatches from Bar-Ray’s library of more than 425 colors and patterns on virtually any apron, skirt, or vest of your choice, and then request a quote through the website.
  • EVALUATE: Since its launch in 2011, bar-ray.com continues to be a primary resource for hospitals and distributors to submit quote requests to Bar-Ray. The website complements Bar-Ray’s printed products catalog.
  • EVOLVE: True to its innovative spirit, Bar-Ray continues to deliver the latest innovations in radiation protection products to the market, and Graphcom and Bar-Ray continue to develop equally innovative ways to maximize Bar-Ray’s marketing efforts.

What Else?

Beyond this web design and development, Graphcom continues to serve as an extension of Bar-Ray’s marketing team. We design the company’s catalog. We produce custom-printed fabrics for its personal radiation protection garments. And, we’ve developed the SmartID℠ technology for Bar-Ray customers to track their inventory. (Stay tuned for more case studies on these projects.)

Quality Collaboration

Great ideas don’t exist in vacuums. That’s why collaboration is key to making the most of time and resources. Here’s how to maximize your client-vendor relationship:

  • Communicate — and not just by email alone. Set up a telephone call or make a personal visit.
  • Listen, listen, and then listen some more. Take time to fully comprehend one another’s ideas and messages.
  • Mutually decide what each party can contribute to the project. Use your resources and talents wisely.
  • Put down ideas in writing. There’s nothing worse than trying to remember a conversation about an application you expressed interest in last week or a timeline you discussed five months ago.
  • Know the points for negotiation. Be willing to make compromises during the process.
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