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The Albert Einstein Society is a fundraising arm of Einstein Healthcare Network that funds bold and creative solutions, developed by Einstein staff and physicians, to solve current healthcare challenges.

Every year, Einstein’s development team holds a fundraising campaign for the Society to celebrate the employees and physicians whose funded ideas have made a difference in the lives of Einstein patients. Funds are raised primarily from the network’s 8,500 employees and 2,500 physicians; board members and community volunteers are donors, too.

In 2013, the Albert Einstein Society raised about $635,000, but few employees contributed to the campaign. At the time, there were 16 funded innovative program and research grants launched by 37 Einstein employees, physicians, and residents. Graphcom was tasked with advising and generating materials for a new marketing campaign that would increase funds raised, improve employee participation, and allow more research and program grants to be funded.

In the two years since rebranding with Graphcom, the Albert Einstein Society experienced its highest-grossing season in the initiative’s 40-year history at $660,000! In 2015 alone, that money funded 28 new programs and research grants and allowed 56 Einstein employees, physicians, and residents to put their genius ideas to practice.

So, How Did We Do It?


Initial Branding & Logo

Einstein Society's new logo

After a kickoff meeting with the client and in-depth research on their goals, target audience, and why employees should give to the Society, we began working on the concept, look, feel, and core message for the campaign. The final logo design symbolizes an atom and Einstein’s genius contributions to scientific thought. The “I am Einstein” messaging concept created a playful sense of pride among Einstein staff. By contributing even $1 per paycheck, any employee at any income level can support—and therefore embody—the Einstein-like genius of the grant recipients who improve patient care.

Story Development & Imagery

einstein society stories

With the concept in place, we moved on to creating the voice of the Society. We interviewed donors and grant recipients whose stories would appear across all materials, including posters, website, and event invitations. Their stories captured the spirit of Einstein, why they give, and how donations helped genius ideas come to life. We shot professional photos of interviewees that were used throughout all materials, with the Einstein hair overlay added to drive home this stellar concept.

Print Materials

einstein society brochures

What better place to advertise the Society than where Einstein employees work and spend most of their day? We produced a number of print materials—including posters, table tents for the cafeteria, brochures, and employee newsletter ads—that were designed from scratch, printed, and mailed 100% in-house.

Digital Marketing

einstein society emailers

Every day our team pursues the latest technologies for website creation, mobile apps, online ads, and more—and we used that to our advantage with the Society’s new campaign. A small website was designed and launched with consistent branding, messaging, and imagery. Plus, we launched an email campaign and digital signs inviting Einstein employees to become part of the Society.

Annual Society Dinner Invitations & Materials

Einstein Society's invitations

Graphcom designed, printed, and mailed a number of Society Dinner materials, including two versions of direct mail invitations: a formal one for physicians and high-level community donors, and a playful version for staff. Event programs featured the “I am Einstein” campaign and were printed in a variety of colors—each in the Einstein Healthcare Network’s brand palette. With four vivid colors and eight seats to a table, the programs were a striking addition to the room’s décor.  


Check out the full case study here, or give us a call at 800-669-1664 or click here to get started on your next fundraising campaign!
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