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WellSpan Health Case Study

WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital has been serving the communities of Adams County and northern Maryland for more than 80 years. The facility is a comprehensive health care provider with family health centers across the region, a maternity center, heart center, home health services, preventive health education, screening programs and 24-hour emergency services.


Graphcom’s relationship with Gettysburg Hospital began in 1982 when the hospital approached Graphcom to assist with the facility’s medical forms management needs, specifically auditing and reducing printing expenses.

During the planning stage, Graphcom discovered that Gettysburg Hospital’s document management processes were manual and inefficient. Turnaround time was extremely slow; valuable space was wasted on storage. The hospital also had problems with form revisions, obsolescence and inconsistencies – factors that caused significant compliance issues. Poor version control and incomplete distribution undermined form functionality. Gettysburg Hospital’s Materials Management division did not want a pre-packaged solution; they wanted a partner (Graphcom) who could handle large-scale projects and provide strategic direction for future initiatives.


Graphcom created a customized digital storage system that encompasses the areas of document creation, storage and management. In addition, Graphcom developed a seamless method of form revision that ensures compliance and accounts for authorization to change an existing form or create a new form.


Deploying this electronic forms storage and retrieval system involved Graphcom and Gettysburg Hospital’s Materials Management division working collaboratively to establish the system parameters. Documents are created, stored and managed digitally at Graphcom’s facilities. They are ordered “just in time” from all hospital locations. Documents and forms are now produced on demand as needed through an online ordering system. Graphcom also developed a seamless system of form revision; all forms are available in digital format and managed by Graphcom. This process ensures timely updates while meeting the strictest revision controls. It also ensures that the forms utilized by all departments are consistent, in compliance and not obsolete.


With these systems in place, Graphcom and Gettysburg Hospital jointly evaluated their efforts. First, the electronic file storage and management system has allowed requisitions that previously took weeks to fulfill to arrive in 48 hours or less, wherever needed. This system also virtually eliminated inventory and reduced storage requirements.

Second, with the Graphcom-managed form revision system, printing and inventory costs were reduced by approximately 25 percent across the hospital system. Part of this success can be attributed to the redirection of the printed materials budget to the consuming department. Department managers also tend to be more conscious of print spending when the spending comes from their own budget.


Although the immediate requirement was to generate cost savings for Gettysburg Hospital, the long-term benefit of the partnership between the hospital and Graphcom has allowed more hospital resources to be channeled to their core activities. In addition, the partnership continues to evolve, as Gettysburg Hospital and Graphcom find new ways to collaborate on materials management and marketing projects.

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