A Branded Suite of Bi-Fold Brochures

Case Study 3.10

MWPH Communicates Service Line Offerings with New Rack Cards 

Since 1922, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) has been a mainstay in providing specialty pediatric care in the Baltimore community. The hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient care for children through more than 20 specialized clinics, studies, and programs.

The Challenge

The hospital uses a variety of rack cards to communicate each of their service line offerings to parents, healthcare providers, and community members. Over the years, many versions had been created—more than 40. Not only did they have too many cards, but they were all inconsistent in format and content, and information was often outdated, missing, or redundant. The kicker? When someone needed a rack card, they had to venture into a storage closet with dozens of unlabeled bins to dig around for the one they needed. As you can imagine, no one had time for that!

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UMB Catalyst campaign case statement folder and booklet

The Solution

We began by meeting with all the stakeholders who used these rack cards. This included leads from each department within the hospital. We quickly learned that each staff member had their own individual needs and uses for the cards. Collaborating closely with these teams, we created a new suite of rack cards. Each followed the same design format for consistency and met the needs of all stakeholders (physicians, community liaisons, admissions, marketing, etc.) The rack cards were uniform in presentation and redesigned in an array of vibrant colors that really made them pop. We took advantage of this by purchasing a rack card display system that would allow for the cards to visually pique interest and be organized effectively.

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The Results

By partnering with Graphcom, MWPH was able to communicate the information needed to physicians, patients, and their families in an effective, cohesively branded manner. Additionally, MWPH was able to display these cards for optimum organization and impact, so they were readily available and visible in a time of need. The best news? We were able to do this inside of their target budget!

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