Some people view traditional direct mail as ancient history (at worst) or quaint (at best). But the truth is what’s traditional is rapidly regaining prominence among the world’s most successful brands. In fact, up to 90% of direct mail still gets opened today, compared to just 20-30% of email on a good day, and the response rate to direct mail is 3.7%. Those analytics are too good to ignore! 

Many of our most successful clients incorporate direct mail into their integrated marketing campaigns. Our HIPAA-compliant mail services are a boon to healthcare, education, nonprofit, and for-profit clients. No matter what your industry, our mailing team will dive through U.S. Postal Service regulations to save you money before we print and mail anything.

Mailing Solutions

Think snail mail has become stale? Direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 79% of consumers say they act on direct mail immediately.

Our custom mailing solutions stand out from the rest, present your message clearly, and deliver lasting impact. We’ll save you on postage and avoid waste production. We ensure your pieces meet USPS machine specifications and automation standards, are targeted to the right customers and businesses, and deliver the success rates you want. We specialize in long-term mailing projects with materials produced up front then sent to prospects and clients over time. This saves you time, space, and money by storing your materials with us.

We offer:

Want to see how we kept some of our favorite clients top-of-mind with a dynamic direct mail campaign? Check out our case study.

You deliver the basics for your next direct mail campaign. We’ll deliver the goods.

List Management

When was the last time you gave your contact list a hygiene check? As recipients switch jobs, change email providers, or unsubscribe from your email, managing your contact list becomes vital to the success of your marketing campaign. Managing your lists not only reduces bounces and undeliverables. Getting organized gives you stronger communication with your contacts, plus improved campaign reach and customer retention.

Graphcom can help identify and eliminate outdated contacts to make sure your list is targeting the right customers, and find and add new contacts to keep your list growing. We’ll chuck the bad apples—invalid addresses and inactive or non-engaged recipients—and review and revise your list for better performance, making sure your messages are heard loud and clear.

We offer:

  • Address validation
  • Confidentiality
  • Constant updates
  • Contact verification and correction
  • Encrypted secure transfer
  • Error identification
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance
  • Import/export lists
  • Spam and blacklist checks
  • And more!
Don’t lose contact. Keep your lists clean with Graphcom.

Variable Data

The data doesn’t lie. The more relevant and targeted the message, the greater return on your investment. Getting your audience to know and trust your organization takes effort—and data-driven customization. With variable data, you can create targeted content for one-on-one messaging, which leads to increased response rates and higher ROI.

Have complicated variable data with multiple inserts? No problem. We’re not afraid of the hard stuff—complex data, multiple inserts, or regulatory compliance. We can do it all. We can personalize your mailings with variable data fields, like recipient names and professionally-designed photos and graphics, so you get a winning response every time.

We offer:

Does Graphcom sound like a good fit for your variable data needs? Let’s talk.


Graphcom doesn’t just comply with HIPAA rules and standards for mailing—we go above and beyond them, so our clients can rest easy knowing their sensitive data is secure. Privacy is our priority. By securing your protected health information, we free up more time for you to focus on bigger plans, bigger projects, and the bigger picture for your company.

We offer:

  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Intrusion protection and detection
  • Offsite data backups
  • Operations and communications strategy
  • Restricted access 24/7
  • Strict audit controls
  • Transmission security
  • And more!

Our policies and procedures include:

  • Information Security
    • Audit controls
      • Security monitoring
      • Log retention
    • HIPAA/HITECH /ISO 27002 compliant policies
      • Security policy
      • HR security
      • Asset management
      • Asset control
      • Cryptography
      • Operations and communications security
      • Information systems acquisition, development, maintenance, and disposal
      • Supplier relationships
      • Incident management
      • Business continuity
    • Managed intrusion protection and detection
    • Regular penetration testing
    • Transmission security
      • Secure network (fiber optic)
      • FTPS encrypted transfer
  • Workforce Security
    • Pre-employment background screening
    • Mandatory security awareness
    • Mandatory HIPAA training every six months
    • Mandatory Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse training every six months
    • Employees and suppliers checked against the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) and System for Award Management (SAM) lists monthly
  • And more!

Want to learn more about secure and HIPAA-compliant email marketing? Check out our white paper.

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“The team at Graphcom is so kind and is a pleasure to work with. They deliver on what we’re looking for and make us feel valued.”

Jackie Folsom
Development Coordinator, Lehigh Valley Humane Society

Danni Lyles

“I scored Graphcom highly because their level of customer service is outstanding. I most appreciate the partnership that we have established.”

Danni Lyles
Director of Annual Giving, LifeBridge Health

Great service, professional, and excellent workmanship.

Ike Loukos
Owner, Les Engineering

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