Clarity and focus are key to the success of your marketing strategy. That’s why we begin every large project with a kickoff meeting with your team to help focus your marketing strategy. What are the core messages to convey? Who is the target audience?

We’ll start with a review of your strategic plans, marketing strategies, tools, and techniques. From there, we’ll analyze what works, what can work better, and what you should try. With this info, our designers, writers, artists, and developers will create target markets and strategies specific to your goals.

Market Research

Where do you want to go? We can help you plan your route, but first we have to figure out where you’ve been and where you are now. Who is your target audience and what do they want? What’s the best way to give it to them? Our market research helps you know which way to turn.

With a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, our market research experts can help you make decisions with confidence. Graphcom can help you by:

  • Analyzing past campaigns
  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Auditing current communications
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Creating a data collection process
  • Determining demand for your products or services
  • Developing a stronger core marketing strategy
  • Identifying and better understanding your target audience
  • Optimizing your brand strategy
  • Measuring success
  • Pursuing your most lucrative growth opportunity
  • And more!
Need help knowing which way to turn? We’re great with directions.

Strategic Thinking

Did you know your marketing strategy, positioning, and messaging are almost as important as the product or service you offer? Messaging is a crucial part of any great campaign or company. A good idea or product is nothing if you can’t communicate it effectively with your target audience. You’ve got to know what to say—and when and where to say it.

Let us help. Every business has a purpose or vision, and our creative team of writers and content marketers knows how to communicate it in a way that changes how your audience sees you and influences how they respond to your brand. We’ll ensure that your message is loud, clear, and consistent across all marketing channels and communications.

We offer:

  • Analyzing your competition and their messaging
  • Creating buyer or donor personas
  • Creating strong messaging, including key differentiators, value proposition, and taglines
  • Determining your campaign concept, content, and talking points
  • Elevating existing messaging and communications strategies
  • Positioning your organization as a thought leader within your industry 
  • And more!
Get the message? We can help you put yours in writing.

Data Analytics & Reporting

What if we told you that you could understand your customers so well you could predict their behavior? That, my friend, is the power of data analytics.

With analytics, you can engage, retain, and grow your customer base with little risk. Graphcom uses meaningful metrics, comprehensive analysis, and a “nothing but the facts” approach to reporting the findings. This equals increased response rates, reduced mailings or time wasted on marketing efforts that don’t work for your audience, increased dollars raised, or added donors to your pipeline.

We can help you know your product and understand your market better than ever before (for a stronger ROI every time), maintain engagement through customer satisfaction, and generate cost-savings and brand loyalty. We use descriptive analytics (describing and understanding your historical data) and predictive analytics (using data to forecast what might happen in the future) to leverage valuable insights about your marketing efforts or population, and make more informed, fact-based decisions for future success.

Discover how we helped Emergent BioSolutions collect and analyze data for a more successful marketing campaign. It’s all in our case study.

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Laura Roberts

“The team is absolutely amazing to work with, excellent teaming, always going far above and beyond expectations, exceeding expectations and deadlines, and the work is absolutely beautiful. For Carbon Literacy alone, they turned a so-so series of presentations into a highly effective communications vehicle. I love how willing the team is to explore new projects. Ashley specifically has been a tremendous partner; I love working with her!”

Laura Roberts
VP of Brand and Marketing, EcoEngineers

Beth Cool

“You’ve done an excellent job at listening to us and developing our story. It exactly meets the mission of Graphcom: the vision to communicate yours. Again, wow! Great job!”

Beth Cool
Financial Administrator & Human Resources Coordinator, Adams County Library System

Chris Flohr

“Graphcom’s responsiveness and ability to not only execute the plan, but also maintain flexibility to do their best for our clients when we were delayed at our end, was amazing, and enabled us to successfully complete nearly 40 projects in a two-month timeframe! They had every aspect covered with sufficient people and resources in place, backup solutions, and ‘pinch-hitters’ available when needed to keep the process moving!”

Chris Flohr
President, Flohr Management Group

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