The Mount Hits a Home Run

Case Study 4.4

Mount St. Mary’s University Baseball Dugout Graphics

Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Md., delivers education at the highest level, offering more than 70 undergraduate majors, minors, concentrations, and special programs grounded in the Catholic liberal arts tradition. The Mount has a strong athletic program that inspires students to work together through teamwork. The Mountaineers compete in Division I athletics, premier and club, and intramural sports.

The Challenge

Home of Mount St. Mary’s University Baseball, the E.T. Straw Family Stadium has undergone many changes over the past three years. While the dugouts were renovated structurally on the inside, a fresh exterior coat of paint did not tell the Mount’s baseball story. 

Graphcom collaborated with the athletic team on large graphics to bring the dugout to life, inspiring Mountaineers as they take the field, drawing support from fans, and withstanding weather conditions for years to come.


The Solution

After a site visit and in-person meeting, the Mount’s athletics managers and Graphcom team collaboratively agreed that graphics on the back, left side, and right sides of the third-base dugout would allow fans to continually see the baseball story through visual graphics during game time or during a visit to the stadium.

In addition, it was decided that the first-base dugout needed to have inspirational graphics on the inside where players would be inspired before, during, and after games and practices, and on the outside right side that faces the bleachers. The design was created by the Mount’s internal marketing and communications team after receiving specifications and sizing from Graphcom.

UMB campus shot

The Results

The results were bold and stunning. Graphcom printed and covered the walls with 3mm auiment, a durable, long-lasting material that will hold up well in the weather. The dugouts now clearly show the brand and coincide with the overall new look and feel of the entire stadium.

What’s Next?

The Mount plans to build an indoor hitting facility and team room. The 6,500-square-foot hitting facility will include a 5,400-square-foot synthetically turfed space with three hitting chutes and two pitching chutes. There will be retractable netting to open the space for defensive drills. The building will also house team meeting spaces and coaches’ offices. The building components will also be branded to mimic that of the stadium for brand and message consistency.

UMB campus shot

“I wanted to thank your entire team for the great work with the baseball dugouts. We have received a number of compliments already on the graphics. We really appreciate the collaboration with us. Thank you!”

Kevin Robinson

Director of Athletic Development, Mount St. Mary's University

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