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Case Study 4.5

UGI Utilities, Inc. Tells Their Story at Their New Headquarters

UGI Utilities, Inc. is a natural gas and electric utility committed to delivering reliable, safe, and affordable energy to its 700,000 customers in 45 counties in Pennsylvania and one county in Maryland.

The company was embarking on the building of a new corporate headquarters building in Lancaster County, Pa., one of the fastest-growing areas in its service territory. One of the many things the internal team was tasked with was developing what would not only be a functional signage system but one that was aesthetically pleasing and that accurately represented their brand.

The Challenge

UGI had begun to work with a partner to develop the look and feel for the signage. However, the design directions didn’t tell the UGI story appropriately. The timeline for the opening of the headquarters was quickly approaching, and UGI needed someone to take this to the finish line. That’s when we stepped in.

UMB campus shot
illbethere campaign signage


The Solution

After listening to UGI’s vision for the space, Graphcom quickly and effectively pulled together three possible design directions for the organization to choose from.

From here, we used this to layout a variety of signage, including required ADA signage for the building’s rooms and offices, wayfinding signage, and some really cool murals! The murals were a representation of UGI’s mission, vision, and values. We also evolved these murals to reflect UGI’s safety campaign, i’llbethere, which incorporates photos of UGI employees.

In addition, we created a vibrant timeline that embraces UGI’s history, from its inception to the completion of its new headquarters. As you walk through the building, these environmental graphics give the space just the right amount of eye-catching graphics and a pop of color that really draws you in and adds some personality to the hallways.

Not only did Graphcom design these signs, but we also produced them, offering UGI Utilities a seamless process from start to finish.

UMB campus shot
UMB campus shot

The Results

The results? A beautiful, sophisticated, impactful headquarters that effectively tells the UGI story. The utility’s new 93,000-square-foot headquarters sits on 33 acres of land once owned by Reading Hospital. It’s located off Route 222 at the Reading interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike—you might mistake it for a castle! The site is home to roughly 350 UGI Utilities employees.

Thanks to Graphcom, UGI was able to have their required signage ready in time for their move-in. And, we continue to evolve the space. For example, we’re currently working on elevating their board room. As UGI grows, they know they have a partner to grow alongside them.

UGI continues to tell us how much everyone raves about the signage system we’ve developed for them, not only from a visual perspective but also how well our production and install crews have served them. We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring such an amazing vision to life.

What’s Next?

UGI Utilities and Graphcom continue to have an ongoing, solid relationship. In addition to creating signage for the company headquarters as well as developing a range of materials from print collateral and magazine publishing, Graphcom is now creating artwork to install in the headquarters’ executive board room. With this addition of sleek, sophisticated artwork, Graphcom will help bring a high-end appearance to the board room while reflecting UGI’s history and values.

UMB campus shot

“I’ve been watching the mural go up for the last two days, and it looks amazing. I’ve heard nothing but good feedback. Great job! Your install team has been nothing but professional and courteous and well-deserving of all the nice comments they’ve been receiving. I am so happy with the progress!”

Jennifer Sterner

Executive Assistant, UGI Utilities, Inc.

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