Inspire Audiences as a Thought Leader

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How to Position Your Organization as an Opinion Leader within Your Industry

What Is Thought Leadership?

A thought leader is a go-to source, an authority on ideas, an industry expert, and a respected presence. Thought leadership is an active pursuit of defining authority in an industry space. The goal? To create content that covers important topics both innovatively and with a depth of knowledge.

As an organization, utilizing thought leadership in marketing efforts involves asking the right questions and giving the right answers.

The Golden Rule: Don’t sell anything except ideas.

How to Become a Thought Leader

Identify the Questions

First, determine what questions the target audience needs answers to. Look at what challenges they’re facing, what holes they need filled, or what topics they’re talking about most. This step involves a considerable amount of research, including interviewing clients, managers, or employees, keeping up with discussions on social media, looking at what other industry players are discussing, and staying up-to-date with current events. Make a list of all the selected topics and then prioritize them based on relevancy or urgency.

Answer the Questions

Once the Qs are identified, it’s time to provide the As. When creating content, be sure to include relevant facts and quotes to bolster the credibility and reliability of the content. Answering and asking important industry questions should happen on multiple formats and channels—blog posts, social media pages, newsletters, white papers, etc. Create an abundance of places for people to go to find this content. Make sure that the content is created in an engaging way. Remember, the goal is to promote reflective and innovative thought, not to bore viewers.

Pose New Ideas

Thought leadership shouldn’t be limited to just the question and answer process. In fact, the best way to really stand out as a thought leader is to pose the questions and ideas first. So push the boundaries of thought and be the one to start the conversation. Conduct case studies or surveys, give presentations, or simply create original, organic content based on unique industry experience.

Interact Publicly

Getting out from behind the computer screen is the real key to thought leadership. Organizations need to be seen at industry events to let others know that they are major players. Attend conferences, host panels, lead societies, join standards bodies, and, most of all, be a thoughtful presence. These actions display effort to be a leader within the industry and also expand internal knowledge overall. By being present, there is a physical tie to thought leadership that can’t happen online.

In all, what thought leaders choose to do with their platform defines how their audience views them. So lead thoughtfully, be patient, and make an impact.

Who Is Graphcom?

Graphcom is an unconventional marketing firm: equal parts creative studio and production powerhouse. We specialize in strategic content marketing that positions our clients as thought leaders within their industries. Our teams work with focus, care, and strategic execution to make your message innovative and ahead of trend.

Your success is our priority. By working with us, you gain a partner in your thought leadership journey, so you don’t have to navigate alone. We want to help you focus on bigger plans, bigger projects, and the bigger picture for your company—and we do it all with your unique vision in mind.

As we like to say, “thought leaders should be thoughtful leaders.” Let us be a thoughtful leader with you.

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Does Graphcom Sound Like a Good Fit for Your Organization?

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