An Electrically Modern Redesigned Website

UGI EnergyLink is an electric and natural gas provider that services more than 40,000 customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. UGI EnergyLink had a previous web presence; however, the site itself was outdated and lacked visual interest. While the content was still somewhat relevant, the site was too content heavy and difficult to get viewers engaged in the material or interact by leaving feedback or reviews.

Graphcom partnered with UGI EnergyLink to design, develop, and execute a website to showcase the local UGI brand, educate customers, and to get customers interested in more than just savings. The redesign is a modern, user-friendly, interactive website that showcases the best in service, trust, and security that UGI EnergyLink has to offer.

mwph gala logo sketches
MWPH mood board
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