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Digital Marketing

Graphcom has tech hipsters, too? Oh, yeah. That’s what full-service marketing is all about.

Our web designers, architects, developers, and engineers relentlessly pursue the latest technologies for website creation, search optimization, social media, mobile apps, online ads, and more.

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Even the most brilliantly designed website can fail if its back-end code isn’t up to snuff.

That's why our web developers’ focus is always on seamless integration of your website’s "front-end" components and "back-end" structure. We’re on top of the latest web practices, from compliance to W3C validation. We follow the latest Web 2.0 evolutions, including responsive design and HTML5.

Want to manage your own site content? We can create an easy-to-use, completely custom CMS (content management system) so you can update your website from any device with an internet connection. With our design expertise, unique CMS, and in-house web hosting resources, you won't need to bounce back and forth between designer and developer for troubleshooting or advice.


The good news? More than half of web users turn to search engines each day find info, products, or services. The bad news? About three-quarters of them only look at the first page of search results.

Updating your copy for SEO (search engine optimization) and using targeted search engine marketing techniques can get your name—and your website—more attention and better results.

Our search marketing analysis of your website content will uncover info and ideas to improve your content’s rankings with search engines. We’ll suggest keywords and phrases—and can even write new copy—that search engine algorithms will pick up to get you noticed on the web.


Getting more "visitors," "likes," or "comments" on social media is easy. Achieving concrete business objectives isn’t. Solving that cultural, technological, and financial puzzle is what inspires our social media managers to deeply understand your target audiences and make social media an effective part of your overall marketing strategy.

Fun, effective, and immediate, social media should be a part of your next marketing initiative.


The mobile revolution is here, and it’s all about the “I” – the iPads, iPhones, and other interactive devices.

Publications offer digital magazines, college offer digital yearbooks, and now your business can be part of this new digital world. Our mobile marketing experts can take your best idea and turn it into an app, viewbook, or mobile website with personality.


You have ideas… we have the creative techies to make it happen. Contact us today to start the conversation about your next web development project.

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