Graphcom and PHFA Win Annual Report Award

by | May 15, 2020

This Isn’t Our First Communicator Award 

Winning awards isn’t why we do what we do. But, we have to admit, it sure feels good to be recognized for your hard work!

Recently, we received a Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts for our work on the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) annual report. The 2018 report, “Changing Lives, Growing Communities,” took home top honors in the Annual Report—General-Government for Corporate Communications category.

This courageous design concept came to life through grid inspiration. A true sense of community is the feeling that you’re part of a larger, dependable, and stable structure.

During our research and planning phases, we discovered that building a strong foundation starts with a blueprint. Producing what is more commonly known as a “super grid,” we were able to evoke modern design trends combined with beautiful photography and other graphic elements that strike the perfect balance on the page.

Inside, the design provides a further sense of growing community, that each individual lends their own personality to the overall group. The color and type treatments used provided a clean and bold contrast that is visually grabbing. By maintaining our four-color palette, we emphasized phrases, names, and other information based on their hierarchy with ease.

A natural hierarchy was expressed through size and placement. Photography was engaging and drew attention with friendly faces smiling at the viewer and candid moments capturing our subject in the moment. These candid shots gave a sense of realism and nature to the content. Our viewer is able to visualize themselves in this environment and feel at home.

The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications. We’ve worked with PHFA for 10-plus years, and it seems like almost every year we win an annual report award for a new and innovative design. PHFA provides the capital for decent, safe, and affordable homes and apartments for older adults, persons of modest means, and those with special housing needs.

We are proud to be their partner in design and printing excellence.


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