We’re on the Move!

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Blog, Company Culture, Graphcom News, Signage

Exciting Developments Are Taking Place at Graphcom

Graphcom is on the move, and it’s all about progress, efficiency, and a brighter future for our team, clients, and partners! We recently acquired a multi-building property on Silo Road in Orrtanna, Pa., just a few miles from our current Gettysburg locations. This move represents a significant step toward streamlining our team collaboration and operations and reducing costs, which benefits our clients, too.

With this change of address, we’re consolidating our operations from seven different places, including six rental properties, into two locations fully owned by Graphcom. This strategic move will boost our efficiency and ability to work synergistically as a team, providing clients with even better service. Our Creative and accounting teams are already enjoying their new workspace at Silo Road. Their early transition has paved the way for a smooth shift in our other divisions.

Up Next: Relocating Our Signage, Grand Format & Fabric Divisions

Our Signage division is preparing to move from a rental space in Frederick, Md. to Silo Road between the timeframe of November 15 -30, 2023. But don’t worry; our team is hard at work to minimize any disruptions from this move! As always, our Signage team will prioritize client partners and remain flexible to ensure your projects stay on track. Several of our Frederick-based Signage Project Managers and Designers also plan to work a hybrid schedule to easily visit client locations in Maryland or Northern Virginia, for example, as needed to take measurements or photos or assist with other signage needs.

Currently operating from rental warehouses in Gettysburg, our Grand Format and Fabric divisions will move during the next phase of our relocation plan. We’re still nailing down their construction and move-in dates at Silo Road. We aim to relocate Grand Format before the busy season begins after Thanksgiving. However, we’ll monitor the timing closely and re-evaluate if needed. Like Grand Format, the Fabric team will plan and schedule projects with care to minimize any service disruptions.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We’re excited about what’s to come and look forward to helping you connect, inform, and inspire better than ever from our new Silo Road home.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and evolve together!

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