5 Steps to Marketing Success

by | Oct 10, 2017

Repeatable Process, Unrivaled Results—It’s How We Roll

Providing a great product with stellar customer service is just the first step to winning and keeping customers. You also need to showcase your brand’s personality, with marketing materials that set you apart from the competition.

Ironically, the best way to get creative ideas is to start with a systematic process. That’s why for every project, for every client, Graphcom uses a five-phase strategic approach:

  1. PLAN

We want to learn all about our clients, their vision, and their goals. With some in-depth, thought-provoking discussion and our unique five-phase approach, we’ll work together to decide how to reach them.

1. PLAN: Ask Questions, Collect Data, Choose a Direction

We believe the best creative solutions come from ongoing collaboration with our clients. We begin with a strategy kickoff session with our team and your key decision-makers to learn all that we can about your company’s struggles, goals, competition, and current approach. We’d like our staff to explain the plan as well as your internal team can.

2. CREATE: Bring Marketing From Concept to Reality

Creating marketing materials is where Graphcom really shines—as a marketing firm, we can help at any phase of the creative process. Need help developing the concept? We can do that. How about the actual design? Sure thing. Writing and editing? Yep, that too. Just ask our clients how they like the award-winning materials we’ve made for them.

3. DEPLOY: Get Your Message Out There

This is the exciting phase when all our work goes live. Whether your materials need to be printed and shipped directly to you, sorted and mailed to 500,000 people, or integrated into a new app or website, Graphcom has the expertise to get your message in front of the right audience.

4. EVALUATE: Is It Working?

Believe it or not, award shows are not why Graphcom’s team comes to work every day. Results are. Nothing gets (and keeps) us working until all hours of the night like knowing that our work is effective. Clearly establishing metrics for success in the planning process ensures that we constantly monitor how each tactic affects the overall campaign and evolve our approach as needed.

5. EVOLVE: Make the Future Even Better

Results make our clients keep coming back for more. So, we apologize ahead of time for constantly calling to ask, “How’s the work performing?” We’re not trying to be annoying; we’re just kind of fanatical about creating work that, well, works. We want your business to grow. The world is moving fast, and like you, we are constantly evolving to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


You need a marketing win. We have the determination, drive, and creative mindset to help you get it. Let’s talk? Call 800-669-1664 or email info@graphcom.com.



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