Creating a ‘Culture of Good’

by | Apr 5, 2019

Damn, It Feels Good to Be Good

What your employees say, see, do, and feel often says more about your organization than your products and services. Happy or inspired employees feel engaged in their work and want to create positive changes—in their workplace, in the communities they serve, and in the communities of the people they serve. When they feel their values align with your company’s, they care more about their work, and this rubs off on everyone around them, from their colleagues to their customers to their community.

But, how do you create that engaging culture that ignites positive change? It all starts with your culture of good.

What is a culture of good? 

A culture of good is an engaging company culture that:

  • Ignites positive change (both within the organization and within the community)
  • Commits to doing good
  • Creates an environment that employees and clients are proud to be part of
  • Engages employees and gives them a reason to care about their work

It’s a theory inspired by Scott Moorehead and Ryan McCarty that suggests when organizations unleash their souls and find ways to connect every employee’s and customer’s purpose to a larger shared cause, everyone strives to make an impact far beyond the four walls of the company.

It’s a culture shift that comes from a deep-seated desire to do good in the world. It’s a notion that everyone from your employees to your customers brings to their work and interactions daily. You see it in the quality of their work. You see it in the way they carry out your company values. You see it in the impact they have on their communities outside of work. You see it as they inspire and engage others to advocate for your cause and make good changes in the world. It’s the heart and soul of your organization, and it can impact your business and community in incredible ways.

Show your employees that they’re showing up for a greater reason—one that’s tied to your business, yes, but also their happiness and core values, too—and they’ll become radically engaged, contribute to their local communities, and drive overall business growth.


What are Graphcom’s culture of good goals?

  • Bring our team together across all locations and divisions
  • Contribute positively to our local community and our clients’ communities
  • Radically improve employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Engage with and build client relationships beyond sales and marketing
  • Drive overall business growth
  • Have fun!

What does our culture of good look like?

Here’s a look at how we celebrate our culture of good: 

  • We raised more than $100 for the American Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and more than $200 (plus so many goodies) for the Adams County SPCA in December. 
  • We spread some cheer—and had way too much fun!—with not one but two Graphcom spirit weeks.
  • We hosted a holiday door decorating contest
  • We played a ‘game of tag’ to discover what our team was thankful for last Thanksgiving and encourage them to spread their thanks with others.
  • We participated in several events with our community and partners, including the Frederick Speaker Series, baseball games, happy hours, and more.
  • We showed some extra love and support to our own team members when they needed it most.
  • We hosted cross-division lunches and revamped our new and improved Cake Day (it’s called Treatin’ and Briefin’ now, ICYMI).
  • We continue to learn and grow together during our monthly book club.
  • We shared some love with our nonprofit clients on Giving Tuesday.
  • We provided pro-bono support, including client donations, event marketing, sponsorships, and event participation, throughout the year.
  • We got creative and made (and delivered) Valentine’s Day cards for community organizations near and dear to us. 
  • And so much more!

Plus, we have so many other surprises in the works. 

Now it’s your turn. How are you creating a culture of good within your own company? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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