Graphcom Achieves G7 Process Control Master Designation

by | Nov 8, 2013

Graphcom, Inc. has achieved a G7 Process Control (G7PC) Master designation from IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) making the firm one of 13 printers in the nation holding the distinction.

The G7PC Program builds on the G7 Master Printer certification by going beyond the process of a one-time calibration to developing a comprehensive set of tools for building a process control workflow from creative through print. G7PC training provides professionals with techniques on how to build a file targeted at a known industry print aim, such as GRACoL or SWOP, and how to maintain print and proof conditions that meet that same aim. Additional training covers how to modify that aim when the print substrate shifts and still meet clients’ expectations.

Graphcom’s achievement of G7 Process Control Master places it in the 0.037 percent range – 1/30th of 1 percent – of printers nationwide holding this distinction. In 2012, Graphcom became one of only 761 printers across the United States to receive G7 Master Printer Certification from IDEAlliance. Of all printers operating nationwide, less than 3 percent are qualified G7 Master Printers and only 13 have achieved Process Control Master designation.

“This distinction truly sets us apart on a national scale and demonstrates our culture of excellence,” said Matthew D. Livelsberger, president of Graphcom. “Reaching this elite level speaks to our commitment to the ongoing process and quality improvement. I could not be more proud of our team.”

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