Graphcom Announces a New Organizational Structure

by | Oct 2, 2017

Strengthening Processes and Workflows, and Serving Clients More Efficiently and Effectively

Graphcom is excited to announce Mike Beatty, estimating and planning manager, is moving into a new role as the interim director of operations for Graphcom’s print production. With Beatty’s new role, he will be responsible for overseeing operations for mailing, offset printing, and digital printing. Beatty also will be the direct report for the day shift supervisor, night shift supervisor, scheduling manager, data processing manager, pressroom manager, and pre-media manager.

“I’m excited to help elevate our team, and take Graphcom to the next level in terms of improving efficiency, a better quality control process, and maintaining the cohesiveness of our team,” says Beatty.

Beatty brings 14 years of experience at Graphcom to his new role. For 12 years, Beatty managed the pricing, material related decisions, and planning for Graphcom’s print production. Prior to that, Beatty spent his first year as Graphcom’s shipping manager.

“I think my previous experience as the estimating and planning manager is going to help me out greatly,” Beatty says. “I have a solid understanding of Graphcom’s printing capabilities, I know our suppliers well, and I have a strong production background.”

With Beatty at the helm as Graphcom’s new interim director of operations, print production will see an increase in efficiency. “This shift in roles will allow our production department managers to focus more on their core competencies,” says Graphcom President Matthew D. Livelsberger. “Before, our production managers were managing their departments, while also handling additional roles. This took time away from focusing solely on their department. The interim operations manager position is a natural evolution. I created this position based off of growth—our production managers are doing an excellent job, but we needed a new role that would allow our managers not to be so spread thin in their responsibilities.”

Livelsberger adds, “I’m very confident in Mike’s abilities as a director of operations. He’s an exceptional leader and a natural fit for this position. I can’t wait to see how he will flourish and take Graphcom to the next level of print production.”
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