How to Improve Population Health Management Results

by | Aug 24, 2017

Increase Engagement and Boost ROI

Member engagement is a vital tool for health plans and providers like yours to improve the health quality of your members and patients. Strategic member engagement allows you to improve patient engagement, improve communication across business lines, and save money. Graphcom offers a number of services to health plans, providers, and industry organizations to develop engagement strategies to improve population health management results. These services are backed by the highest level of security to ensure your protected health information (PHI) is safe. Graphcom is HIPAA/HITECH and ISO 27002 compliant.


Solutions for Success

  • Email — Graphcom offers email capability for member engagement. These emails can range from general health information to your members or patient-specific messages to motivate action.
  • SMS Text —  Graphcom offers SMS text capability as a medium to reach members and patients. It is an effective way to send reminders, measure engagement, and communicate updates via mobile.
  • Letter and Postcard Design — Graphcom partners with our clients to design letters and postcards for member engagement. These items are customized to meet corporate branding and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements and are designed to resonate with each target audience or persona. They are developed for the highest level of engagement.
  • Letter Print and Distribution — Graphcom operates a full production facility to print and mail member and patient letters. This facility operates under HIPAA/HITECH and ISO 27002 compliance.
  • Postcard Print and Distribution — Graphcom offers postcards as a cost-effective way to remind members and patients of upcoming appointments and as a follow up to missed and canceled appointments. Variable data allows us to customize each postcard, and we use track and trace to manage follow-up work flows.
  • Gift Card Fulfillment — Graphcom supports various wellness incentive programs by distributing gift cards of choice to members and patients. These gift cards are shipped in a trackable method, and member level reporting can be provided to our clients.
  • Survey Design and Development — Graphcom designs, deploys, and aggregates surveys to collect member and patient satisfaction data on completed wellness visits. This data is then used to drive future member engagement strategies.
  • Predictive Analytics — In collaboration with our clients, Graphcom uses historical data to develop regression models to predict future outcomes. Results are then used to build engagement strategies. Graphcom can even predict which population will have the highest return.
  • Marketing and Creative Design — All print, distribution, and fulfillment services are backed by a full-service marketing and creative team. Work of this team can be utilized to complement other services or used to support independent marketing campaigns.
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