The Power of Video Marketing in 2017

by | May 22, 2017

It’s a No-Brainer—Video Should Be Part of Your Next Marketing Campaign

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but video is everywhere. It’s emerged as an effective way to grab people’s attention and get them to engage with your content. When I log into Facebook or any other social media account, I’m bombarded by videos—from my friend livestreaming his daughter’s first steps to Chipotle trying to sell me a burrito. It’s more important than ever to make sure video is an innovative part of your campaign so your content rises above the fray.

What’s Trending

In 2017, you have to create content that grabs your viewers’ attention right away and prompts them to share it with others. The average person’s attention span is short in this technological age, so producing something that breaks through the mold and captivates is key.

So, what are some examples of video marketing that’s trending in 2017?

  • 360-degree video has never been hotter. Viewers are more likely to watch a video if they can see it from every angle, and even more likely to keep watching until the end.
  • YouTube. Everyone watches it. You, your co-workers, your friends, and your parents. Millennials in particular love the video-sharing site. If you’re trying to reach a younger demographic, YouTube could be perfect for you.
  • Facebook Live is a great way for content creators to share videos with viewers. Log into Facebook on any given day and you come across live streams discussing anything from sports, to pop culture, to politics. It can also be a great way to show off a new business product or give viewers a look inside your company.
  • Linking videos in your emails is a great way to engage recipients. If you include a video in your email, recipients are 65 percent more likely to click through.

Why It’s Important

If you don’t use video marketing, you’re missing a huge opportunity to engage your audience.

  • 87 percent of online marketers are now using video marketing. So, if you’re part of the 13 percent that isn’t, you risk being left behind.
  • 65 percent of marketers are planning to increase their mobile ad budget to allow for more videos. Even those who haven’t yet ramped up their video marketing efforts are beginning to understand how important it will be in the future.
  • If you include a video on your landing page, web users are more likely to stick around and your conversion rates go through the roof.
  • Incredibly, more video content has been uploaded to the web in the past 30 days than has been aired by the three major U.S. TV networks in the past 30 years.

While video is important, you shouldn’t create just any old video ad. For video marketing to be successful, it has to go viral (though that shouldn’t be your main goal). Getting users to interact with and share your content is the difference between a lackluster marketing campaign and a successful one.

So, What Now?

2017 is poised to be the year of video marketing, so the sooner you start shooting, the quicker you can reach prospective consumers. Graphcom’s video experts can help you to create effective and exciting video content that will get you to where you want to be in the coming year.


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