Spring Clean Your Signage

by | Apr 15, 2018

Are Updates to Your Outdoor Signs on Your Spring Cleaning List?

It’s that time of year again! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, the days are growing longer, and the cold winter weather has done a number on our homes and businesses. The spring cleaning urge is in full force, but this year your organization should do more than just dust off the shelves.

Winter can take a toll on buildings and outdoor signs, leaving them worn out, broken, or just out of style. There’s no better time to show off a fresh look than with the return of spring.

Not sure if you need an update? If you’re experiencing any of these six scenarios, you might be in the market for new signage this year.

Brand Change

While staying warm inside during those long winter months, you had plenty of time to reimagine and reassess your company and its goals. Does your business have new plans for branding in 2018? Are you looking for a revamp of your image? Want to add a new tagline or updated logo to your outdoor signs?

Rebranding creates an immediate need for new signs and what better time of year to reveal your new look to the public than with a summer signage unveiling ceremony? Summer reveals start in spring! Graphcom can help you take your brand change to the next level. We offer a range of unparalleled products from fluorescent, internally illuminated signs to LED sign cabinets, channel logos or letters. With our collaborative team of experts, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Weather Damage

Snowstorms, falling trees, and icy roads all have one thing in common: they can severely damage exterior signage. If the winter weather hit your signs hard this season, it may be time to fix them up. Don’t forget to replace and repair damaged outdoor signs so your business is springtime ready.

New Management

Is your property under new management? Do you need to replace all signage that includes the previous community name, management company name, and/or color scheme? Graphcom can provide all necessary services needed for rebranding, including a site survey, market research, design, strategy and messaging, website and SEO, and mobile and email marketing, in addition to new interior and exterior signage.

General Refurbishing

Even if you haven’t seen too much damage to your signs, renovations might still be needed. Minor problems like fading paint, general wear and tear, or deterioration from old age can make your signs less than appealing. Consider replacing latex paints with acrylic polyurethane paints for unsurpassed color, gloss retention, and durability. These paints feature a superior two-component catalyzed coating system and offer excellent ultraviolet, chemical, and weather protection.

Put your best foot forward by fixing up those signs so your company stands out and maintains its professional appearance.

New Property

If you purchased a new property or merged with others to a new location in the past few months, it’s probably time to show off some new signage! As you move locations in the warmer weather, you’ll want to have the exterior branding ready to go. Graphcom will make sure that your audience knows you’re there.


Are you feeling the urge to update? Are you tired of repairing your outdoor signs from damage each year? Do you have more flexibility in your budget as winter ends? It’s the season of change, and a new type of sign is exactly the change your business needs. Consider design upgrades to unify all signage on your property. Think on-brand elements, including your logo design and color scheme, for high contrast and improved readability.

We provide high-quality products and installation methods that keep you from needing to constantly replace and repair. Dedicating a portion of your budget to better sign upgrades now will prevent the need to spend more money on refurbishing later.


Contact us online or call 301.668.6100 to learn more and schedule a site survey of your property with one of our signage specialists. We will photograph, measure, and make a detailed record of current signage on your property to determine your signage wants and needs. A sign mapping service is also available.
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