25 Ways to Make Your Website Fundraise for You

by | Apr 21, 2016

Kick Back and Let Your Website Do the Work

First things first, why do great websites matter?

1. They give credibility to your cause — A polished, up-to-date, design driven space with compelling content makes your visitors trust your brand and feel secure when they donate.

2. They increase visibility and raise brand awareness — A responsive site showcases your brand: logo, purpose, action photos, states why your cause is important, and key metrics that support your purpose and validate how you help.

3. They create a space for engagement — All marketing roads lead to a website conversion or measurable metric. Direct mail, social media, telemarketing, acknowledgment letters, text alerts, advertisements, print pieces, etc. All should work together to rally viewers to your website to take action.

Now, let’s turn your website into a full-time fundraiser that works 24/7, 365 days a year.

When Donors Visit Your Site, They Should Find…

  1. A clear mission statement that defines your organization’s purpose.
  2. Current testimonials from the people you serve and how your organization helps.
  3. Facts and statistics about why your cause matters.
  4. Details about how donations are used and why you need them.
  5. Opportunities for engagement and how to get involved.
  6. The future of your organization — where are you going and how will you get there?
  7. The financials for the last three or more fiscal years.
  8. A place to make donations.
  9. Physical address, hours of operation, telephone number, email address and directions to your organization.
  10. The people who work there and how to contact them.
  11. The leadership and/or board members who work there with testimonials on why the cause is important to them.
  12. Your organization’s origin story.
  13. “Sharable” resources like photos, videos, informational graphics, social media posts, hashtags, talking points, testimonials, etc. that will turn your visitors into brand ambassadors.
  14. A place to ask questions and voice concerns.
  15. Fast facts and Q&As about your organization.
  16. Links to other digital spaces where your organization is active (social media, affiliate websites, charity listings, etc.)
  17. A responsive website that can be viewed on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  18. A design that vibrantly showcases your brand.
  19. An organized site with a navigation menu that provides easy access to your content.
  20. A list of your partners — who are your corporate and community partners and why do they care about your organization?
  21. Staff and volunteer accolades — acknowledge your shining stars and standout staff.
  22. An online store where your organization’s products are available for purchase.
  23. A place to register for upcoming events.
  24. A place to register for emails, blog posts, text alerts, etc.
  25. Media references — when your organization was featured in the media with easy access to the photos, videos, and articles.


There you have it. All the benefits of a full-time fundraiser without the negative side effects of working 24/7, 365 days a year. You know, without the burnout. Give us a call at 800-669-1664 or click here to get started.
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